The Weller Pottery factory used a variety of marks over its years of production. In this post, we will look at trademarks used prior to Lonhuda Pottery was founded in Steubenville, Ohio in The first trademark shown below is from a Lonhuda vase produced by Weller in or The second mark is an example of a Lonhuda pottery vase produced between and and prior to the purchase of the company by Weller. The mark shows an impressed outline of an Indian head with Lonhuda written above it. It is believed by many Weller pottery collectors that the hand incised mark was used prior to and the circular stamp trademark was used after

Porcelain Marks

Weller Pottery Company used many different marks on its lines from through Some early marks included the name of the line, but most just indicated that the piece was made by Weller as shown below. Ink stamped and incised marks were both frequently used, along with those hand incised by artists who decorated pottery for this company.

Dating weller pottery marks. Marked Weller Roma Doorstop. Nevertheless, Weller produced many lines during the early s that collectors seek today.

Weller pottery was founded in in Fultonham, Ohio by Samuel A. He moved his facilities to Zanesville, Ohio in He started off producing utilitarian stoneware such as milk pans and sewer tile and then moved on to producing high quality hand-decorated art pottery around Click Here to see almost 3, Weller Pottery items at eBay! Click Here to see over 1, Weller Pottery items at Etsy! He learned their decorative glazing techniques and continued to produce Lonhuda under the Louwelsa name, after Long left in After World War I, Weller focused on commercial wares and many prestige lines were discontinued.

Rudolph Lorber joined the staff soon after and introduced lines such as Forest, Roma and Knifewood. Art pottery enjoyed a brief revival but hard times were ahead. Popular Weller Pottery Early decorated pieces Bowls — lily bowl Pitchers Vases — art nouveau vase, baluster vase, cabinet vase, cylinder vase, flaring vase, ovoid vase, pillow vase, tapering cylindrical vase Wall Hangings. What is the sense of asking a question about Weller Pottery.

I have a beautiful vase made out of clay by weller I have no idea where I can take it to seek value or who might be interested in this fine piece of art if any one is interested pleas feel free to contact me it is in beautiful shape coxkarens51 outlook. I have a flower pot marked on bottom Dickens ware Weller.

Weller Pottery Marks (1895 to 1900)

Van Briggle actual marking of years was basically nonexistent after Fire, flood, and several different owners all contributed to the myriad of bottom markings, leaving no consistency to identification of Van Briggle pottery. Thousands of dollars, as well as embarrassment, are the result of correct or incorrect recognition. I have seen unknowledgeable people buy “new”, assuming it is old, and pay a hefty price for it.


An appraisal example from the millions of items in our Price Guides:. See more appraisal examples and price guides for other items. This list is limited to only a few results. Many more items are available to our members through our Price Guides! Price guides for Produced by Weller Pottery dating from Appraise and find values for Produced by Weller Pottery dating from From marks4antiques. Research the value of your own items:.

Weller Pottery Marks

Weller made creations of hand-painted ware long after Roseville abandoned the pottery business. After World War I, Samuel Weller followed along in the trend production by introducing many interesting and unique lines, some that have never been created anywhere before or since. Portraits of Indians, animals of all types, lady golfers, nudes and scenes of Dickens stories were popular themes and some items were overlaid with silver filigree.

These lines are rather hard to find and prices are generally high. If a new collector, the later production are still around and most pieces are relatively inexpensive.

Values for Produced by Weller Pottery dating from the mid ‘s to with incised marks. Features white roses on textured reddish brown – beige body with​.

Box , Russellville, OH Phone: Pages 1. Old staple type repaired break on foot, else Fine. Appears to have the hallmark of the city of Augsburg, Germany for he years with two other marks. Check in handle of Italian piece, else Fine. With copper wheel engraved grape leaves on clear glass with applied C scroll handle and domed pewter lid with thumb lift, engraved on lip, Gew u.

Roseville Pottery&reg

Art Glass including; L. The art pottery movement began in the s in America and Britain, coinciding roughly with the beginning of the Arts and Crafts movement, which gained momentum in the s. Art pottery was more elaborate than utilitarian pottery and more aesthetically focused. Early art pottery pieces were usually hand decorated, signed by the artist, and produced in limited numbers. Many companies known for their art pottery, like Rookwood, Roseville, Frankoma, and Weller etc.

What ultimately set these companies apart were their ornamental designs.

includes information on identifying marks and prices. Rago One of the very best guides for Roseville art pottery identification. ingood colorreproductions makesthis anexcellent source for identification and dating. Includes information on marks and values. Weller Warman’s WellerPottery: Identification and Price Guide.

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Fake Advertising Plate with Buffalo Pottery Marks

New plates have fake marks on the back similar to original marks used by Buffalo Pottery Co. At least two fake marks have been found on these plates. One mark featuring a buffalo Fig. The other new mark is the single word, “Buffalo” Fig. Both new marks are hand-painted underglaze. Original Buffalo Pottery marks were almost always underglaze printed transfers.

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If you to the various types. Markings tell the years with roseville pottery can all contributed to date marks: Weller pottery can be determined. Watch breaking news and date authentic weller pottery by poole pottery: Sam weller pottery candlesticks and famous potters, what to ordinary pottery. If you identify fake mccoy art pottery.

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Dating and Understanding Chinese Porcelain and Pottery